April 21, 2015

Positive SOULutions

I would like to introduce a new Facebook group Positive SOULutions created by The Purple Bridge.

 This group is about soulful solutions to make your dreams and reality one.

•Receive tips and suggestions from life coaches, mystics, writers, spiritual healers and more like-minded individuals.
•Receive powerful quotes, articles, videos to motivate and improve your wellness.
•Engage in meaningful conversations with inspiring personalities from around the world.
•Participate in discussions.
•Participate in Random Acts of Gratitude.
•Receive free gifts, offers and deals, etc.

About The Purple Bridge - (www.thepurplebridge.com)

We endeavor to share all voices that unite in a personal, yet universal message to look toward self-empowerment to heal the world — the sharing of reflections that come from within and that is expressed through the magic of words to give light to a renewed spectrum of spirituality — a practical, every-day life of spirituality.

Our message is about embracing both Love and pain, just as with sunshine and rain, to bring about your rainbow, that is special, unique and colorful — our metaphor of how life may be lived to cultivate and experience authentic happiness as your real experience, just as you dream it.

Just as this rainbow is formed by rain and sunshine, such is the color purple from red and blue. Here, struggle and passion make peace; pain and Love merge; lost and found meet; dreams and reality unite. Along a bridge called Purple!

This group is closed to marketing and advertising. We only welcome inspiring writers to become members of The Purple Bridge and advertise with us. To apply for the ‘inspiring writers’ membership, contact us – connect@thepurplebridge.com

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