August 20, 2015

Becoming Authentically You

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I believe the journey to transcendence is best found when we allow our true self to shine through and become One with all things. The road to get there is filled with many lessons, struggles, and heartache filled with wonder, delight, and miracles. Becoming Authentically You was created to share my personal journey with others who are also on the path to enlightenment.

The topics discussed at Becoming Authentically You will be:
Inner Child, Breaking the Cycle of your Past, Parenting/Motherhood, Forgiveness, Gratitude, Self-love, Mindfulness, Spirituality, Connecting to Universal Source, Faith & Intuition, Positive Intentions & Detachment from Outcomes, Celestine Prophecy & The Insights

April 21, 2015

Positive SOULutions

I would like to introduce a new Facebook group Positive SOULutions created by The Purple Bridge.

 This group is about soulful solutions to make your dreams and reality one.

•Receive tips and suggestions from life coaches, mystics, writers, spiritual healers and more like-minded individuals.
•Receive powerful quotes, articles, videos to motivate and improve your wellness.
•Engage in meaningful conversations with inspiring personalities from around the world.
•Participate in discussions.
•Participate in Random Acts of Gratitude.
•Receive free gifts, offers and deals, etc.

About The Purple Bridge - (

We endeavor to share all voices that unite in a personal, yet universal message to look toward self-empowerment to heal the world — the sharing of reflections that come from within and that is expressed through the magic of words to give light to a renewed spectrum of spirituality — a practical, every-day life of spirituality.

Our message is about embracing both Love and pain, just as with sunshine and rain, to bring about your rainbow, that is special, unique and colorful — our metaphor of how life may be lived to cultivate and experience authentic happiness as your real experience, just as you dream it.

Just as this rainbow is formed by rain and sunshine, such is the color purple from red and blue. Here, struggle and passion make peace; pain and Love merge; lost and found meet; dreams and reality unite. Along a bridge called Purple!

This group is closed to marketing and advertising. We only welcome inspiring writers to become members of The Purple Bridge and advertise with us. To apply for the ‘inspiring writers’ membership, contact us –

January 26, 2015

The Emptiness Inside

Majority of the time, I can push the emptiness aside, bury it down, and get on with my day. Try as I may, day in and day out, I hide that dark piece inside for fear of what others will say and think. If their opinions were supportive and reassuring rather than harsh and judgmental, maybe I would reach out for help a bit more. So I do what I must, going through life on auto-pilot, taking care of what needs to be done, going with the flow of routines, and filling all the spaces in between with as many distractions as I can find. Once in awhile I find something that stirs me up inside but it only captures my attention for a short time before I inevitably give up.

I have my up and downs. It’s during those down times that the emptiness creeps in and leaves me with the feeling of being lost, hating my life, wondering why I was even born, and how I can possibly keep going on like this.

It started for me as a young child, feeling emotionally neglected and unloved. When I became a teenager, there was no one to look up to, no one to admire, and no one I could go to that would teach me life lessons I should have been learning at that delicate age. Without the proper guidance, I filled the emptiness by focusing on my friends, experimenting with drugs, running away from home, and avoiding all my problems. Eventually as I got older, I left all my jobs as soon as I became discontented, obsessively searched for ways to change everything about myself, and finally gave up everything about myself to please my partners.

This emptiness, this feeling of being utterly lost in the darkness; it consumes my whole being and just when I think I can’t handle it anymore, I let go; I give up; I stop trying to dig myself out. By doing this and allowing faith to take over for me, it permits me re-evaluate where I’m at and where I’m going.

I look around at my little world and see how truly blessed I am. I have everything I need...everything I need...but that empty void is still there. No matter how much I search for ways to fill it, in the end, it’s all just distractions, and the darkness seeps in again.

There comes a time in your life, when you still have a shred of hope left and maybe a guardian angel at your side, that you decide you’ve had just about enough and you just can’t take it anymore. These are the moments I cherish. These are the moments that define you, push you, test you, and make you take a good long look at your life.

The message I receive is always the same:
Amanda, you’re looking in the wrong place...AGAIN!!!

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters
compared to what lies within us.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

It’s time for me to look inside, deep inside. There’s this innate knowing in each of us: We have all the answers we need if we just quiet that critical ego, get out of our own minds, fill ourselves up with love and listen intently to our higher self.

But what if you don’t hear anything? I was at a standstill. Then, I get a flashback from when I was a teenager. I can remember it so clearly, telling my higher self to just shut up already, go away, and don’t come back. Well it left alright, and here I am all alone in the quiet of the night wondering what to do about it. Of course, I do what I do best: I start researching online, asking those I trust for ideas, and get myself on a waiting list to see a therapist to make sure I have a professional to guide me if needed.

Along the way some very wonderful things happened:

I got more involved with the Law of Attraction, found a support group on Facebook, and learned about the 11 forgotten laws. 

I learned the benefit of taking a real gratitude journey with the Beautiful Happy Peaceful Facebook Page. 

I built up a small library of self-help books and resources. 

I created a support network of strong, independent, empowering women. 

I tapped back into my creative side through writing and drawing. 

I began a spiritual journey after reading The Celestine Prophecy and joining the support group

I got the closest I’ve ever been to knowing my life purpose.

And then that’s when I found Andy Shaw. This guy is a genius for so many reasons that I can’t get into here right now. I signed up to receive emails of articles he posts on his blog. One of them really stood out to me. It was about reading quotes and agreeing with their messages, then looking at whether you actually lived your life that way. The short answer is no, I haven’t implemented these changes at all.

I truly believe everything I’ve learned so far, has become a good foundation for me to be able to take the next steps in my process. It will protect me when I stumble along the way so that dreaded emptiness doesn’t suck me too far back in again. I can depend on this foundation I’ve built to guide me through the tough times that are sure to come.

I’m at a crossroads now in my life. Am I going to go back and live miserably in my comfort zone or am I going to take that leap of faith and face the cold hard truth about how I am really living my life...You know...the real me, behind closed doors, away from the prying eyes of the world.

Come on, let’s jump!! As they say, “Let go, let God”.

The more I think about this emptiness feeling, the more I realize I’m not empty at all; I’ve just been filling myself up with the wrong things which have become the result of looking in all the wrong places. 

“We shape clay into a pot, but it is the emptiness inside 
that holds whatever we want.” ~Tao saying

If you’re still with me here, you can safely make the assumption that I’ve filled my pot with a lot of negativity throughout my life. I’d say it’s just about time to empty that pot and start filling it with more positive things that make me happy, joyful, curious, interested, optimistic, and excited about life.

So now, the obvious question...Where do I go from here? Well lets think about what we want to fill ourselves with, what kind of life do we want to live, what do we want to remember about it when it’s our time to leave this world, what do we want to leave our loved ones with? If you want to explore this a bit more and want some inspiration to answer these types of questions, check out this article from The Abundance Project. (It is part two of a series, you should really check out the others too!) Everyone will have their own unique answers to these questions, but since I am actually at this very point in my life as I write this, I will share my list with hopes that I may be able to expand on each of these endeavors in the near future as I work through them.

  • Slow down, tune-in, and be present where it matters most; with my family. Especially with my children, to connect with them more by allowing them to lead, adapting to share moments, and adding new experiences and words. Always remember to “enjoy the little things in life, for one day, you’ll look back and realize they were the big things”. ~Robert Brault
  • Be aware of my restlessness as a guide to judge if I have veered off my spiritual path. Stay conscious of my current life question and be open to synchronistic events to direct me.
  • Find out who I really am, accept all the good and bad, be the real me as I truly am, and let my light shine. Then, explore why I am here on this Earth and what I have to offer in service to others.
  • Be mindful of my feelings to find the pain I’m holding onto, heal myself through my inner child, and learn to love myself unconditionally so I can project that love into everything around me.
  • Re-evaluate the story I tell myself and others. Let go of the victim mentality, take control of my reality, and get a deeper understanding of what 100% responsibility really means.
  • Stay available to those that may need use of my talents. By helping others, I can help myself get out of the darkness and fill myself up with the joy of knowing that I am making a difference in someone’s life.

I don’t know if there is a quick fix to fill up the emptiness feeling inside with meaning and purpose. I know I wish there was, but I have come to find that for myself, it is all about the journey, taking one day at a time, and doing the best I can with what I have. When you reach the moment that you decide you are ready for a change, seek out guidance from those you trust, even a professional, if you need it. There is no shame in asking for help; the support will motivate you to keep going. Fill your life with positivity; search out groups or pages on Facebook that focus on encouraging others. Find out what works for you, what resources will benefit your growth, and what you can learn from others that speaks to your soul. 

The road out of the darkness may seem long and hard but we can build ourselves a foundation to give us the strength to keep trudging along until we reach the light. It’ll be so worth it when we get there. 

November 16, 2014

My Gratitude Journey

I am currently on my second gratitude journey. Between the two, I found that I slipped back into old habits and let life slip by without appreciating anything. This second journey is teaching me how important gratitude is to my transformation. Not only do I get to join in on the exercises but this time I have been blessed...I also get to create them. Creating gratitude exercises that go beyond the journals that only name 3-10 things you are grateful for has really given me a deeper understanding. We are trying to get to what truly matters to us and trying to profoundly incorporate gratitude at our core. We want it to become a way of life so much that it just comes natural without trying.
I felt compelled to share this particular exercise because I do believe gratitude is essential for us to become more happy. If you are interested in taking part in the journey with us, check out my friend, Essence Turner, on her Facebook group. Be sure to like the page and feel free to share your comments with us! 
Gratitude Reflection:
We tend to focus on things that are the most important to us in our lives. Some of the more common ones include: family, friends, people who have affected us in... a variety of ways, faith, freedom, health, happiness, and possessions that give us comfort. We have even started learning how to be grateful for our challenges and struggles for the lessons and strength they give us.
Does having a home for your family deserve more gratitude than a nail or a piece of wood? Is the air you breathe into your lungs worth more of your appreciation than a tiny seed? You wouldn't have the house you live in if you didn't have materials to build it and you wouldn't have oxygen to inhale if that little seed didn't grow into a tree.
“What about the mundane? The common? The usual? The overlooked? The unconventional? Our happiness depends on our ability to feel and express gratitude. The more grateful we are, in fact, the deeper our happiness will run.” ~ Ken Wert
Throughout our gratitude journey we will be randomly focusing on the little things. Aglets was just the beginning. We want to practice gratitude until it is ingrained into our psyches, until it becomes such an automatic way of life that one day we look around and find we are surprised that we once took anything for granted. We want to manifest all of our heart's desires, and gratitude is the way.
If you practised only one principle for the rest of your life, gratitude would be the most crucial. Joe Vitale believes that if each of us would practice gratitude in the moment, all worries would vanish, all problems would resolve, all miracles would come easily — in fact, if we really were in gratitude in the moment, we’d realize we are already happy, already peaceful, and already living the miracle.
“Active Gratitude means noticing the good in every moment. When you actually come from gratitude, you wouldn’t judge the moment as good or bad because you’d realize the jury isn’t in yet and so every moment can be seen as good.” ~Joe Vitale

Gratitude is a key ingredient in having an abundant life. How important is gratitude to you? How often do you practice? Are you just beginning your journey, off to a great start, or are you becoming a pro? Do you feel gratitude is an essential part of your overall happiness? Why? What benefits or opportunities have you received or hope to obtain because of the gratitude you express? Have you gained any insights since you have become more thankful? Are there ways you can incorporate more gratitude in your life? Are you able to stop yourself the next time you catch yourself taking something for granted and show some appreciation?

My Answer:
Gratitude is becoming very important to me because I see its worth in my life. I will admit that I don't practice as much as I believe I should but I realize that I am a beginner and I have faith that each day is bringing me closer to having a deep appreciation for gratitude itself.

I have had many experiences throughout my life that prove to me that gratitude is definitely one of the MOST essential parts of happiness. I can feel it within when my spirits are up but when I am down, the lack of gratitude consumes me. That is when I need it the most. When it becomes imperative to look around and think about how much worse things could be without those little things that may seem insignificant and even unneeded and unwanted in the darkest moments.

I am a firm believer in "if you want more, praise what you already have". Everything in existence vibrates; gratitude raises vibrations just as love does. I have greatly benefited from my gratitude. I have been directed to a path of self-discovery, found resources to guide my way, and received positive people that support me, became my friends, mentors and role models. I believe because of gratitude, my lifelong prayers are being answered, my vibration is rising, and now I have unlimited access to infinite opportunities. I know the possibilities for me are endless if I keep practising gratitude daily, stay connected to positive outlets, and never give up on my goals.

I am not an overly materialistic person; the only object that I ever really desired was a house that I designed myself, and only because I want to feel the joy of seeing the beautiful completion of something that came from my own creativity.

My hopes is that gratitude will send me to those who will show me the way and guide me to those who need my help. Through gratitude, I hope to recapture the wonder of all life has to offer. I hope to be able to feel joy and see the world through the innocent eyes of my daughters. I hope to feel excitement the moment I wake, and peace as I close my eyes at night because then I will know that I love life enough to live each moment to the fullest.

What I really want is to live a life of Active Gratitude. The most important insight I have learned is that you MUST feel gratitude. When you feel, really feel it at your core, that is when miracles happen. I have seen it happen for me on occasion but I want to feel that again and again. I love the sensation I get inside when appreciation overwhelms me.

There are so many ways that I could incorporate gratitude into my life more. I think the most important aspect to focus on throughout my day is the little, the common, the overlooked things that I don't give much, if any thought to. I don't know if I can stop myself from taking things for granted but from now on I am going to put more effort in being mindful of what I do and say, the things I touch, the places I go, the people I see. I want to question my thoughts. I want to imagine what life would be like without these things. I want to see why these things have importance to me. I want to express my gratitude for the value they bring into my life.

November 05, 2014

The Journey

I am grateful for my dark moments because I now see where life is leading me. I found excitement again, I recognize my purpose, I have goals, I have a vision.

All it takes is one step at a time, don't give up, don't give in, don't turn away. Stay connected to positive resources, find supportive people who care and are willing to hold your hand along the way. Begin a Gratitude Journey, a real one, not just thinking of three things before bed, but one that asks you to look deep inside and find real appreciation for everything in your life, for everything in YOU.

Ask yourself what you really want and don't be practical about it. Use your imagination and find that one thing that stirs you up inside. Pay attention to your body. If you listen closely enough, it will tell you if you are on the right path. If you find out you need to make changes in your life, don't be scared about how to do it. ONLY focus on the result of the change you want.

As you envision the life you want, have faith that everything is conspiring to give you what you desire. The more you focus on what you don't want, the more you will get just that. I am living proof of that. I had good intentions throughout my whole life, to be a better person than I was but I had it all wrong. I was so busy saying, "That is not going to be me," that I didn't spend that energy finding out what it was that I wanted to become.

Shift your thoughts. Change your perception to one that is aligned with your Higher Self, with your Soul. When you catch yourself thinking about the negativity in a situation, turn it around to something positive and focus on what you want instead.

Your reality is a result of your thoughts. You created this life, all the good and all the bad. Let go of judgement, and blame. Begin to take responsibility for the life you have and learn to let go of past regrets and resentments. Learn the REAL meaning of forgiveness. Read that last sentence again. I said the REAL meaning of forgiveness. Because most of us got it all wrong.

Live in the present and be mindful; find your curiosity and begin to enjoy life as you did when you were a child, young and carefree. We have access to an infinite source. Everything you need, everything you desire can be yours. Have faith and look within yourself. You are the gateway to this source, we are all connected to it and to each other. Just look inside, you were born with everything you need to find your happiness, your wholeness, your bliss.

October 16, 2014

What is Blocking Us from Eliminating Our Blocks?

We have all the answers we need within us to make our lives better in every way. Some of us know the answers but don't respond in a way that is in alignment with our desires; others are so busy in their lives that they can't seem to find the time to slow down and just listen to their higher self. I know I am guilty of this; so I ask you, “Why is it that we know what we want out of life but still we settle for less, stay in our comfort zone, and hold on to the things that are not serving us?”

Even if we are unable to find all the answers we seek within us, they are out there if we just look. Too many people to count are out there offering their advice through their books, websites, blogs, FB Pages, etc. but still we either hold back from taking action, or we get enthusiastic about change for only a short time before we fall back into old patterns.

What is stopping us from making the changes we want in our lives?

Lets explore what some of our blocks might look like:
  • a need for others' acceptance and not standing up for what we believe in
  • not knowing exactly what we want and having a life plan or short and long term goals
  • allowing our thoughts to go on autopilot
  • always focusing on what we do not want and what we do not like
  • lacking self-realization of our current state
  • unaware of our core values
  • living life controlled by our limiting beliefs
  • placing blame, guilt, and judgement on ourselves and others
  • not taking full responsibility for our decisions, actions, reactions, and outcomes
  • holding on to the past, our regrets and resentment
  • refusing to forgive ourselves and others
  • lack of positive support
  • resisting change; avoiding pain and failures
  • looking for happiness in external factors
  • fear of the unknown
  • waiting for a miracle or a quick fix
  • lack of mindfulness and gratitude in every moment
  • inability to meditate to connect with our inner world
  • lack of awareness of our higher faculties and how to live our lives first through them before our senses

Wow! I know what you must be thinking; I'm thinking it too....

With so much standing in our way, is there really any hope for us?????

I'm not intending to make you feel hopeless in your journey but the reality is that this list is just the tip of the iceberg. If we really start digging, I'm sure we can find many more things that we are allowing to block us, and even more things that we must release before we can truly be happy.

All the people who have made it and succeeded – the ones who encourage you through their inspiring stories to make you want to change too – all tend to have one thing in common: they have all hit rock bottom in some way, had a moment of clarity and realization, acted on this “Aha!” moment, and now they are living the life of their dreams and helping others in the process.

I have hit rock bottom so many times and while I am grateful for how far I have come, I can't help but wonder how many times I must drag myself out of this pit before I figure out how to do what they have done to get past my circumstances.

Have you ever felt this way too?

Looking at my current lifestyle and seeing the patterns that have evolved throughout my life, one thing keeps surfacing.

A lack of self-discipline.

I have set out on a quest to find out how we can become more disciplined in our lives. But more importantly, to search for that missing piece that either stops us from taking any action in the first place, or prohibits us from following through after we get started.

Study Guides and Strategies states, “Self-discipline can be considered a type of selective training, creating new habits of thought, action, and speech toward improving yourself and reaching goals. [It] can also be task oriented and selective.” They also mention we should view self-discipline as a positive effort, rather than one of denial.

The question of how can become quite exhaustive but from everything I have learned, it requires making plans, setting goals, taking action, and sticking with it. Psychology Today says that we need a constant commitment to change through patience, persistence, and perseverance with focus on the pay off of achieving our life goals. Uncommon Help explains, “anyone who has achieved anything has done so because they've been able to control and direct their own inner lives and actions to the extent that has enabled them to become super-able at what they do.

You can search “how to discipline yourself” and find numerous steps, strategies, secrets, methods, techniques... the list goes on and on. Of all the results I found on these, The Feel Good Lifestyle was probably my favorite.

But no matter how many tips I find, I'm still coming back to the issue of making the changes last long enough to see a real difference in our lives. Making plans, setting goals, and getting started is all so fun and exciting but slowly it all fades away and we are right back where we started from.

The problem is the persistence, the sticking with it...

Just when I was thinking about giving up on this quest, I came across Zen Habits. Although I personally have a goal of self-reliance and to not depend on external factors, Leo Babauta makes a strong case and reminds me that we all need support if we are going to succeed. His mantra:

It's motivation, not discipline.”

Through his experiences he has found a pattern in all his successes. You only need two things to motivate yourself for any goal:
  • make things enjoyable
  • use positive public pressure

Having an obligation to others serves as a great motivator. So it stands to reason that for success to happen and continue, the support we receive must be positive and at a manageable intensity.It's important that pressure not be applied in too negative a way and too high an intensity.” ~ Zen Habits

As well, it must be pleasurable throughout the whole process. And of course, if we can enjoy the activities that motivate us to become more self-disciplined, our gratitude for the little victories and the rewards to follow will come more easily. “The more you express gratitude for what you have, the more things you'll have to express gratitude for” ~ Zig Ziglar

8 ways to become more successfully self-disciplined:
  • Never give up - keep searching until you find out what works for you and your self-improvement
  • There are no quick fixes – accept that the most important changes require the most out of you
  • Know where you are and where you want to be
  • Outline your goals and break them down to manageable tasks, then make a plan of action
  • Work on tasks just within your limits or breaking points (increasing productivity & gaining interest)
  • Discover your WHY – your reasons for accomplishing goals you set can be very motivational
  • Find pleasure in what you are doing and express gratitude
  • Join up with an Accountibilibuddy who has the same type of goals or has another set of skills that you can learn from (I highly recommend reading about this if you are looking for support, Cordelia gives a great explanation)
If you are ready to take control of your life, make that first step in finding out what works for you.
If deep down you are yearning for a change, listen to your inner self, find some support, and get excited about your life and your dreams.

There is an immense payoff for your commitment and efforts at change: A life-altering shift in who you are and how you think, feel, and behave. A new direction that your life will take. And finally moving toward achieving your life goals.” ~ Jim Taylor, Ph.D.

Do you have what it takes to control your thoughts, actions, attitudes, and feelings?

Are you ready to take the steps to accomplish positive life management?

What will it take for you to become more self-disciplined to achieve the life of your dreams?

September 28, 2014

Compassion for the Negative Ones

Every once in a while I see posts and quotes that advise if you want to be more positive, remove negative people from your life. When I read these, I think I might be taking it personally so I want to find a new perspective on the subject.

I'm sure everyone knows what I'm talking about but to clarify POP explains it like this:

Even though you’re doing your best to practice positive thinking, you may not realize that it’s those around you that unload their negative energy onto you. You know who they are, talking negatively about the people around them and their own life experiences. And they may not even be realizing it, but their “venting” process is actually affecting your own positive energy.” ~ Power of Positivity

Now I totally understand the meaning and the reasoning behind this. And I honestly believe that we must leave the really toxic people and unsafe relationships behind; the ones that are harmful, that use, and abuse you, and destroy your sense of worth. I've even had to do this myself in the past but what about the people who are not harmful, the people who are just lost in their way, the people who haven't been shown anything different yet. I was one of those people just a few months ago, despite years and years of trying to find happiness, it just always seemed to elude me.

We all are going through life on our own path. Our paths intertwine with others, some for a short time and others for a long time, depending on their purpose in our life. It doesn't matter how many negative people you walk away from, more will just keep coming your way until you learn the lesson they are meant to teach you. In reality, not many people are going to walk away from the majority of negative people in their lives. I know if I did, I would be pretty much alone. I don't have a positive support network of family or friends that I can rely on. I must seek out my inspiration in other ways.

I decided to write this article because I read and replied to the following comment on one of Power of Postitivity's articles concerning their quote above.

Other people's negative spirit can not affect you if you choose not to let it. It's unkind to reject negative people. They are like that for a reason. Have some compassion for those who have not yet learned the value of a positive spirit. Instead of cutting them off, bathe them in your own positive light. Rejecting others because you believe they disturb your sense of positivity is selfish. Help others.” ~ Aisha Shah

Now, I want you to think about these quotes too:

God manifests as love – love for other people, compassion for their problems, and a real willingness to help them.” ~ Carry the Message

The beginning of love is to let those we love be perfectly themselves, and not to twist them to fit our own image. Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.” ~ Thomas Merton

I have never in my life met someone that enjoyed being miserable. Deep down we all want something more, something better but most of us just don't know what it is yet. We have created a world where we are so consumed with our preoccupation that we are blinded to see what it is that we are really searching for. The vast majority of us have been down that dark road, so why when we reach the light are we condemning the ones who are struggling to catch up to us?

When I questioned my dear friend Essence Turner on this subject, this is what she told me, “In my experience, when you come from being a negative person and you want to change to a more positive outlook, you don't have the strength, the energy to combat the negative energy with your positive energy. The person hasn't built that muscle; they're still very impressionable. So in the beginning a person may have to be selfish, and that's fine.... I think to cut off may be harsh but sometimes you have to distance yourself from others until your light begins to shine or until your light is bright enough to cast out their darkness, at least while you're in their presence.”

I really like her view on this. “Distance yourself” is so much more acceptable to me. Especially if you are in a vulnerable state in your process of finding yourself and even more so if the distance you create is for the greater good. The finality of “remove yourself” and “cutting people off” was what provoked my need for a new perspective.

So maybe when we reach the light and are strong enough to cast out the dark, we can confidently show others and inspire them to find their own happiness. Smiles are contagious; the tiniest spark of light will illuminate the dark; others are drawn to and inspired by happy people; love is the strongest weapon we have. If we can do our best to succeed in our own happiness, the people around us will see our transformation and say, “Wow, what are you doing? I've seen such a change in you and I want what you've got!”

Sue Fitzmaurice said it well with, “The more my path becomes clear, the more the people around me change.” I think as we improve ourselves, we just need to change our perspective concerning negative people and fill ourselves up with love, acceptance, compassion and empathy.

We wont be able to help everyone that's travelling that dark road along with us but we can show them by example if we keep going that they just make it too. And every once in a while when someone reaches out to you, don't stop, just slow down your step, grab hold and walk together for a time. If someone didn't do that for me a couple months back, I would still be stumbling around. Sometimes her step picks up a bit and she's in front of me, and other times she staggers a little but my favorite times are when we are walking hand-in-hand.